Live recording with North Down Percy French Society on the occasion of French's birthday, May 1st 2018.

Percy French Society - French's Birthday Pat McCourt

Music of the Spheres: Connecting to the Great Universal Consciousness and to ALL THAT IS through the music of Irish composer/pianist Pat McCourt

Pythagoras, over 2500 years ago taught, in a theory that became known as the Music of the Spheres, that all the planets in movement, as they rotate, create a melody of sound, a vibration, a perfect harmonious note that resonates throughout the entirety of creation. And that musical vibration of all the planets affects us here on earth. Our quality of life here on earth is indeed influenced by this vibration of the planets and the universe.

Music is indeed a vibrational gateway, a gateway into a higher, expanded state of consciousness. As McCourt moves beyond his physical realm, he becomes One with the universe, taking us with him. And that is the point at which we begin to feel our own spiritual vibration. That is the point at which we make our own connection with Source, with All That Is, with the Great Universal God Consciousness. Pat becomes the music, he is the music, in total harmony with the Music of the Spheres, 'Musica Universalis', which is part of the core being of our essence.

So that is what this book is about. Connecting to Spirit, to All That Is, to the Music of the Spheres. And how, through the music and the musical compositions of Pat McCourt, we too can be connected to the Music of the Spheres,  connected to All That Is as we listen to him play. As he plays, he is making that divine connection, and as we listen, we are making that divine connection too, through Pat, who has, through his playing, raised our spiritual vibration sufficiently to enable us to make that connection. Through becoming One with him, we then become One with the Great Universal God Energy, the Great Universal Consciousness, thus feeling the love of the Creator.

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